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Our design values describes everything we look for.


Great design inspires us not just our work, but also how we live. As architects and designers, we’re constantly looking for objects that speak to our clients’ individualities because designing a space is no cookie cutter task; one size never fits all. So we curated lists of never before seen objects, and talented designers who are breaking new ground.


We found designers using materials in ways we’ve never seen before. We found objects that sit as easily in your work space as they do by your bedside table. We found decor that makes you feel like a kid again with its simplicity, interesting details and playful design. And best of all, we found that great design doesn’t have to come at an insurmountable price.


And that’s what Intro is all about, great design for everyone. We handpicked these products because, for us, they are exemplary of how accessible and all encompassing design should be. We hope that Intro sparks the same curiosity for design in you as it has for us.

The team behind Intro

Intro Team

Say hello to great design.

At Intro, we believe that aesthetics should be an integral part of daily life. This is the principle that drives us to create products that can make everyday a little bit better and beautiful. We bring high-quality, unique and contemporary designs, that are affordable to everyone. Designs that make life, work, and play better. To us, high-end design doesn’t mean inaccessible.

We believe in collaboration.

At Intro we work with new, established and upcoming Asian designers, and provide a platform for open innovation. Partner with us to showcase your amazing products to the world.